Enter Thy Name is coming to Steam! We have a lot of exciting changes coming in for the new version. Check out our development blog for the latest updates.

Shall history remember you as a maker of peace or a bringer of war?

Fight through 21 procedurally generated floors of a monster infested cavern in this succinct roguelike dungeon-crawler. Engage or avoid rats, kobolds, worms, demons, and dragons (yes, even dragons!) as you attempt to settle a bitter 1,000 year conflict between the humans of the sunworld and the monsters below.

Choose each action carefully

Guard your weaknesses and exploit your foes'. Pick from dozens of items to balance and maintain your seven stats; if any drops to zero, you're toast! And that’s that, by the way. No second chances. Permadeath. Seek ever more powerful weapons, armor, and devices by defeating enemies in combat or through any of the friendly vendors that have established themselves in this subterranean nightmare realm. Placate your foes through sacrifice or overpower them in war on your way to the 21st floor; the whispered lair of the legendary Boss Dragon.